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What are the mechanical properties of C11000 copper plate?
Release time:2018-12-07Browse times:1210

C11000 copper plate is a commonly used product of copper. Do you know what are the properties of c11000 copper plate? Let's introduce it to you.

Copper content in C11000 copper plate is higher than 99.90%, and its properties are excellent. Under different environments (temperature, medium, humidity), the mechanical characteristics of T2 copper sheet under various external loads (tension, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc.) are shown.

1, Toughness

Toughness refers to the plastic deformation of c11000 copper sheet before fracture under the action of tensile stress. Gold, aluminium and copper are tough materials that can easily be drawn into wires.

2. Extensibility

Ductility refers to the plastic deformation of materials before fracture under the action of tensile or compressive stresses. Rolling and forging processes are commonly used for plastic materials. Steel is both plastic and ductile.

3. Plasticity

The ability of c11000 copper plate to produce permanent deformation without damage under load. Plastic deformation occurs when the stress on the c11000 copper plate exceeds the elastic limit and the load is removed, at which time the material retains part or all of the load.

4. Hardness

The ability of C11000 copper plate to resist the intrusion of a  object harder than that of C11000 copper plate

5, Intensity

The ability of c11000 copper plate to resist permanent deformation or fracture under static load can also be defined as proportional limit, yield strength, fracture strength or ultimate strength. No single parameter can accurately define this feature. Because the behavior of metals varies with the variety of stress and its application. Strength is a very common term.

6, Elasticity

Elasticity refers to the property that C11000 copper plate can restore the original size when the external force disappears. Steel is elastic before reaching the elastic limit.

7. Brittleness

Brittleness is a characteristic property of materials that do not undergo plastic deformation before fracturing. It is contrary to toughness and plasticity. Brittle materials have no yield point, fracture strength and ultimate strength, and they are almost the same. Cast iron, ceramics, concrete and stone are brittle materials. Compared with many other engineering materials, brittle materials have weaker tensile properties. Compression tests are usually used to evaluate brittle materials.

8, Rigidity

Rigidity is the characteristic property of c11000 copper plate that withstand high stress without great strain. The stiffness is evaluated by measuring the elastic modulus E of the material.

9. Yield Point, Yield Stress

Yield point or yield stress is the stress level of metal measured by MPa. Above the yield point, when the external load is removed, the deformation of the metal still exists, and the plastic deformation of c11000 copper plate occurs.

The above is the product performance to be considered when using C11000 copper plate.  If you want to know more about copper, you are welcome to come to our company's official website for consultation.

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