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What are the regulations for copper sheet installation?
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When using copper sheet, we need to pay attention to and follow many regulations in order to ensure the construction quality. Here, xiaobian will give you some in the installation and setting should pay attention to the provisions.

1. Peripheral seam shall be set. The bottom copper sheet shall be selected as the most basic anti-seepage line, and the middle PvC or rubber sheet and the top shall be selected as the case may be. The top system is generally composed of flexible packing, fine sand (or fly ash) and other materials, can be one of the materials, can also be flexible packing and non-viscous materials two materials. The lower dam and the middle dam 50m below may have only one bottom. The middle dam and 100m below the high dam should be installed bottom, top two. 100m above high dam should choose bottom, top two, or bottom, middle, top three.

2. The compressive vertical joints of different dam heights shall adopt the structure of hard flat joints, and only one bottom shall be used. One side of the seam should be coated with asphalt emulsion and other anti - stick agent. PVC gasket should be set under the copper sheet and glued on the cement mortar cushion. Copper sheet on both sides of the bottom corner should be set up asphalt stop slurry bar. High dam tensile vertical joints should be bottom and top, medium and low DAMS can only use one bottom, its structure with compression joints.

3. The horizontal construction joints of the panel shall be traversed by steel bars and shall not be set.

4. Expansion joints of toe plate can be copper sheet, PVC sheet or rubber sheet, and shall form a closed system with surrounding joints.

5, wave wall and panel level seam, should set the bottom, top two.

6, the middle and the top should be connected with the bottom of the joint to form a closed structure: the surrounding seam PVC belt should be connected with the bottom of the vertical seam with fixtures; The perimeter seam flexibility can be connected to the bottom of the vertical seam by a flexible packing plug. Face film appropriate is caking or press knot, secure go up in face plate.

7. Angle steel and expansion bolt shall not be used as the fixed parts of flexible packing mask in the changing water level area in cold areas. Bonding materials shall be used to avoid the damage of frost heave and the loss of its fixing function.

8. The joints between the concrete cut-off wall and the connecting plate shall be designed according to the surrounding joints.

The above is the copper installation setting regulations, are you clear? If you still want to know more about copper sheet, welcome to our official website for consultation.

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