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Common problems

Which method should be chosen for copper sheet welding?
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When using copper sheets, it is inevitable that we should weld them, and the weld produced by welding will eventually become a relatively weak link in the whole structure. Therefore, the selection of welding methods needs to be cautious and cautious. Next, we will introduce some common welding methods for your reference.

It is advisable to use double-layer bead of brass electrodes for on-site welding of copper sheets. The best method is to weld once before repairing the weld, which can eliminate the weak surface of the weld and improve the tensile strength. Secondly, the plasticity of the weld can be improved because the second weld can annealing the previous weld.

Advantages and disadvantages of several common welding methods for copper sheet

1) Argon arc welding: The welding seam has the best performance, but it is very demanding to the construction environment, complex technology and difficult to achieve in-situ construction.

2) Silver welding: Silver electrode has low melting point, good solderability, simple construction, but high price. Formed weld has high strength but poor plasticity.

3) Brass welding: Brass electrode has high melting point and is more difficult to weld than silver welding. Layer weld may have weak surface and low strength, while double-layer weld can basically eliminate the weak surface.

Each of the above methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we should choose them according to the actual needs. If you want to know more about copper sheets, you can come to our official website to consult us directly.

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