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Common problems

What is the quality control of copper sheet?
Release time:2018-12-07Browse times:1216

In waterproofing engineering, the role of copper sheet should not be underestimated. In order to ensure the effect, we need to control the quality of copper sheet. What exactly should we do? Next, let Xiaobian tell you.

1) The positioning device of the sheet (belt) must be checked and approved by the supervisor before concrete pouring can be carried out.

2) The welding quality of copper sheet joints shall be inspected, and the inspector shall inspect the oil seepage if he deems it necessary, and clean the oil contamination after passing the inspection.

3) The formwork shall be firmly erected, and the formwork on both sides of the sheet shall be supported by "_" shape or other supporting structures, so as to avoid misalignment and leakage due to the deformation of the formwork.

4) The whole special template should be used at the copper sheet to ensure that the sheet is firmly positioned and the joint does not leak slurry.

5) Avoid the aggregate gathering in the slice (belt) during the pouring process, and vibrate carefully to ensure the compactness of the concrete at the joint of the slice (belt).

6) Reasonable arrangement of pouring and vibration procedures, pay attention to avoid concentration of bleeding in the slice (belt).

7) In the course of concrete pouring, the Contractor shall arrange special inspection and management. The supervisor should strengthen the inspection of the parts, and if the deviation is found, the contractor should be instructed to correct it in time.

8) Pay attention to the compactness of concrete backfilling at the lower part of the sheet (strip), and reasonably use oblique insertion and horizontal vibration tamping.

Above is the quality control of copper sheets, do you understand? If you want to know more about copper sheets, welcome to our company's official website for consultation.

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