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Copper busbar

High Conductivity Copper Busbar

Product description:For manufacturing windings, high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, and wires for electrical installation. The oxygen-free copper bus bar produced by our company uses oxygen-free copper rod as blank material. After continuous extrusion molding, the product has such advantages as high copper content (≥99.97%), low oxygen content (≤10ppm), dense and uniform structure, and low resistivity, low resistance difference, bright surface and free supply length.
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1. Standard: Implementing the Chinese national standard GB/T 5585.1-2005.

2. General classification: Right angle & rounded corner (commonly known as straight edge, rounded edge).

3. Section range: 30--3000mm&sup2, Thickness range 3mm-12mm, width range 10mm-125mm.

4. Conductive performance: Closely related to the ambient temperature of the bus bar operation.

Calculating the current carrying current (40°) can be easily calculated according to the following formula: (Specification quantity units are taken in mm)

Bus bar specification: A (thickness) * B (width)

Monolithic current carrying ≈B*(A+8.5)

5. Weight calculation: At present, the copper bus bars produced are mostly 6 meters long, so the formula for calculating the weight after simplification is as below:

Weight(single copper bus bar) ≈A*B*0.0534 kg

Weight(one meter copper bus bar) ≈A*B*0.0089 kg

(Thickness: A (mm), Width: B (mm))

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